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Patty A R.

Mission Viejo, CA


Excellent experience! Office is modern and clean. Staff is friendly and Dr Nguyen I'm has a super calm bed side manner. I was seen on time, and everyone explained things to me before they did them. Cleaning with Bart was great. Super gentle! I would recommend for sure!

Yashar T.

Elmwood, Berkeley, CA


All new technologies and medical machines are here together no wasting time for patients.they did rout channel and put crown on my tooth at same day less than an hour.its an amazing job.
Thanks a lot Doctor Sean for everything You done.

Jason N.

Huntington Beach, CA


I've been going here for 3 years now. I've gotten a couple of chipped tooth fixed as well as my usual cleanings. Office is clean and modern. They even have TVs on the ceiling for your entertainment while they are doing the cleaning.
Everyone has been professional, polite, and do the job well. The staff will tell you exactly what your insurance covers and doesn't push hard to upset. If they recommend something they will clearly tel you how much it costs.
I recently switched jobs and the lowest level dental plan did not include this location in the plan. After doing the research and hearing horror stories about other places, I upgraded my insurance so I can keep coming here. Highly recommend.

Lauren D.

Laguna Hills, CA


I wanted to take a moment to recognize what an amazing job Dr. Nguyen and his team do daily. I'm embarrassed to report i have not been to the dentist in over 13 years. I was extremely nervous as to the damage my neglect over the last decade had on my teeth. The team at LF Modern dental is above many I have experienced. They truly understand the anxiety that one faces when going through a dental procedure. They're patient and kind, always receptive to if I was feeling comfortable or not and knowledgeable when explaining what was going on in my mouth and best steps to fix it. Needless to say, i ended up having 5 cavities that needed attention. With a busy work schedule and 2 little ones, it was very nice that they were able to work on 1/2 of my mouth that day and schedule the other side just 2 weeks later. It is never easy, but I can tell you I'm glad i took care of it! Now the maintenance of my teeth will be a breeze and I can rest assured i will be taken care of if needed. He also sees my 6 year old who never complains and soon to be my 3 year old! Thank you so much to Victoria who was life changing in the time you took and gentle nature with my cleaning and to Bryn who is always welcoming and steps in to assist at a moments notice! OH and not to mention, they were able to get my Husband in for a root canal one day before we left on our Mexico vacation! That was one for the books and he would NOT have been able to enjoy his trip without you all! You guys are doing a wonderful job! Thank you again.

Sarah S.

Northwest Anaheim, Anaheim, CA


Hands down, this is the best dentist I've ever been to - and I've been to a lot of different dentists. Not only is the clinic itself beautifully maintained and decorated, but all of the staff, from the specialists to the front desk, is incredible kind and helpful. They even have TVs on the ceiling for you to watch while you get your teeth worked on!!! Pro tip: don't watch anything funny on Netflix while you're getting your teeth worked on. You'll laugh.

Sally P.

Lake Forest, CA


I've been trying to find a good Dentist in the area since moving here 6 years ago, and I'm glad I finally have.
Such great, caring and attentive service! Appointments are always on time, I never have to sit in the waiting room.
All the staff here are great, from the front receptionist to Dr. Sean.
The two hygienists I've had were both very gentle and patient with me.
They're always able to accommodate my ever changing schedule, give education about preventative care and discuss treatment plans thoroughly.
They also have the latest technology, making x-rays and lasers a breeze without ever leaving the chair.
Financially, they are very transparent and will always let you know how much (if any) treatments will cost.
See you guys for my next cleaning!

Joshua R.

Santa Ana, CA


Staff was professional, friendly, and amazing! Did an excellent job with my daughter!

Synthia T.

Corona, CA


I cannot say enough about this dental office. Dr. Nguyen and his amazing staff are the absolute best. He and his staff create strategic dental plans that make so much sense. I had a baby and my teeth weren't in the best condition but I didn't have much time to go to the dentist. He was able to do all of my treatments in one day knowing I was in pain. Who knew a loose crown could hurt so bad. I'm so happy and thankful for this office.

Fateh S.

Santa Clara, CA


One of the best dental care in Orange County. I went with several issues and Dr. Sean was so helpful that he addressed all at once and started the treatment the same day. I had root canal along with a crown & a bridge and today I got my cleaning and fillings in lower left portion. I am going to take my wife and kids too here. Strongly recommending for any dental needs. Worth mentioning about, Christina the office manger she is fab and pretty helpful for accommodating your dental appointments.

Jonathan N.

Huntington Beach, CA


Dr Sean Nguyen's dental office is tres chic and very modern! Big flat screen TVs, complimentary water, Vaseline, tooth brush kits, and eye protection while you lay down to prevent the glare from the lights - all great details that really made the dental visit a memorable easy one! COVID-19 precautions were taken professionally and safely, never felt in danger or being within 6 feet of other patients. All I had to do was call when I arrived to safely be placed into the queue for my teeth cleaning, night guard molding, and invisalign check up.
Staff is super friendly and makes you feel confidant and comfortable in asking any questions. The dental hygienist, Christine, was super knowledgeable and didn't guilt trip me about not flossing, rather encouraged to try to get to floss nightly at least 2x a week, then gradually go to 3x, to 5x, then eventually regularly.
5/5 recommend going to this office

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